Monday, April 13, 2009

lucu is going back home***

...yep..after 6 months I'm going home for Easter...& speacial times with the family // here some pics

*this is the Cheese apartmen house // just love it :))

*..mmyeah the Somes river is not soooo clean, but in the summer you can see alot of fishermans just hopeing to catch some fish...obviously

more pics this week***with friends & places


jumeaux said...

funny those huge antennas outside the appartments.
as i see your town is at the end of romania. is it close to what country?
kisses alexandra ;]

lucuchen said...

*it's at the hungarian border :D


andorworld said...

>>:D<< Welcome back your highness!!!:D

irina necsu said...