Friday, March 19, 2010


Bio Photographer, publisher and film director, Rankin established his reputation when he launched Dazed & Confused with his business partner Jefferson Hack in 1991. From his iconic shot of Kylie lying naked and prostrate, to the Queen smiling enigmatically, Rankin’s iconic, intimate portraiture style, and his mischievous eye have gained him a reputation as one of the world's leading photographers. Rising to every challenge, Rankin has never shied from portraying difficult subject matter, addressing issues from domestic violence to body image in both his personal work as well as charity and commercial projects. He made headlines again with his campaign for Dove showing women who differed from the usual stick-thin advertising stereotype. He has also shot prominent charity campaigns for Amnesty International, Everyman, Special Olympics, Oxfam, Teenage Cancer Trust, Refuge, The Teaching Awards, Women’s Aid, Women’s Vote, Breast Cancer Awareness and Youth Music. In early 2009, Rankin embarked on his largest and most ambitious project to date; Rankin Live! Based at the Truman Brewery in London, Rankin combined a museum-scale retrospective spanning his 22-year career, with creating a photographic record of Britain in the 21st century. Photographing 1,500 members of the public, images were hanging on the exhibition wall within 15 minutes of the shutter being fired. In October 2009 he published the books ‘Heidilicious' and ‘Rankin’s Cheeky’. ‘Heidilicious’ is a celebration of model, Heidi Klum, and Rankin’s photographic relationship over the last 7 years. From the early shoots to the present day, this book tracks their collaborations and inspirational campaigns. ‘Rankin’s Cheeky’ probes between innocent mischief and edgy erotica, paying homage to the female form. Rankin says simply, “There’s no point in dressing it up, I love women and I love taking photos. It’s more like a fantastic hobby than a job.” Rankin lives in London with his wife Tuuli, and thirteen-year-old son, Lyle.

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